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  • Hiking in Tyrol

    The vacation destination for this year: Sankt Anton am Arlberg in Tyrol (Austria). One week of mountain air and lots of going up and down instead of the usual flat hikes.

  • Winter Beach Trip

    Not having been able to do as much landscape photography as I wanted this last year, I decided spend the last few days of the year taking a trip to the beach.

  • Three times the fog

    If like me, you live in a part of the world that’s pretty flat, you’ll know fog as a dense white mass that limits the view. And while you know that it’s just low hanging clouds, that’s all just a theory since you’ll rarely get the chance to see it in another perspective.

  • Near home but far away

    When we think about a holiday, this usually brings images of travelling. Preferably to a place far away from home, with amazing views that take us away from our day-to-day lives. While it would be nice to be able to do this as often as we like, the reality for most of us is that…

  • Less of a photo, more of a memory

    Sometimes it’s not so much the photo that’s important, but the memory that it represents.

  • Is it dark yet?

    I must confess, I have an annoying habit when visiting a city: I can’t wait for the light to go out. The cities you visit can show you beautiful views during the day. What interests me the most however is what happens in those thirty to sixty minutes when the sun is going below the…

  • Unplanned surprises

    Last Friday was a public holiday over here, so the long weekend seemed like a good time to plan a trip to Rotterdam in the Netherlands for a couple of days. “Plan” is not really the right term however. Except for a few items, most of my planning consisted of “unplanned” time. Time in which I…

  • The High Fens: Beauty in the morning, blisters in the evening

    Since the Easter weekend is a long weekend over here, I spent the last few days on a walking trip. The area of choice were the High Fens (a large nature reserve in Belgium) and the region further to the east of that, near the German border.

  • Bad weather or just different weather?

    While going through photos of last year, I stumbled upon one that I thought deserved a little bit more attention that I gave it when I was first going through them.