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  • That One Building

    You know that building, the one just after the last lights on your drive to work? It’s not a conventional building,

  • Evening Workshop = Photo Op

    The Japanese garden in Hasselt (Belgium) is one of those places which looks like it is a great place to take some pictures in the evening

  • An Experiment in Lines

    Being one of the many people with a desk job, I can confirm firsthand that it’s a good idea to go for a walk during your lunch break.

  • First steps into shooting film

    As indicated in a previous post, I recently started experimenting with an analog film camera.

  • An analog experiment – The beginning

    These are my dad’s camera lenses. That is my dad’s camera.

  • Winter Beach Trip

    Not having been able to do as much landscape photography as I wanted this last year, I decided spend the last few days of the year taking a trip to the beach.

  • Three times the fog

    If like me, you live in a part of the world that’s pretty flat, you’ll know fog as a dense white mass that limits the view. And while you know that it’s just low hanging clouds, that’s all just a theory since you’ll rarely get the chance to see it in another perspective.

  • Taking a log from the backlog

    I’ve been building up a backlog of still-to-edit photos these last few months.

  • Three impulse decisions and a photo

    Earlier this week, while sitting at my desk in the office, I noticed that the horizon looked pretty special. There was dark blue area just above the horizon line and a little bit of color above that, while the rest was just the normal blue (and clouds) of a late afternoon sky.

  • Business trip? Photo opportunity!

    A business trip doesn’t have to be all work, does it? Last week, my agenda contained a three day developer conference in Berlin. Since there was little to no rain predicted in the weather forecast, my baggage also included a tripod and camera gear in the hopes of capturing some of the Berlin views.