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  • The Morning Quarry

    Sides of the Sun

    As you can probably imagine, the sun has a huge impact on landscape photos. It can make or brake a scene. Choosing the right time can turn a bland picture into a feast for the eyes. Some scenes look best with an early morning sun on them. Others glow under the last rays of the…

  • Covered in Mist

    Keep Walking

    While on an early morning hiking this last weekend, the surroundings kept teasing me with parts of nice photos. It was early enough that the sun hadn’t removed the thin white layer of ice left on the landscape by the cold night. But although everything looked beautiful and peaceful, I couldn’t see a good composition…

  • Going Abstract

    A first tip: if you plan for a certain photo, make sure you take into account the important factors that can influence it. If you’re not careful, one of those factors may even make the photo impossible to create. A second tip: if you end up in a situation where a photo you planned for…

  • I LIke an Empy Beach

    My Photo Zine – I Like an Empty Beach

    As indicated in a previous post (The Status of the Digital), I have been taking a number of trips to the beach over the last year.

  • Hiking in Tyrol

    The vacation destination for this year: Sankt Anton am Arlberg in Tyrol (Austria). One week of mountain air and lots of going up and down instead of the usual flat hikes.

  • The Heather in Bloom

    The heather in bloom, it is a lovely sight to behold. There is a nature reserve about a mile from home called Tenhaagdoornheide.

  • Trees in the forest

    The Status of the Digital

    After the update about the analog experiment in the previous post, I figured it would be a good idea to follow that up with an update on the digital side of things.

  • An Analog Experiment – The Continuation

    And then more then a year had gone past… It has taken a while to figure out how and when analog photography would be able to fit in.

  • That One Building

    You know that building, the one just after the last lights on your drive to work? It’s not a conventional building,

  • Evening Workshop = Photo Op

    The Japanese garden in Hasselt (Belgium) is one of those places which looks like it is a great place to take some pictures in the evening