About Johan

Are you looking for great photos of your party, wedding, company event or business portfolio? I strongly encourage you to look for a professional photographer who can deliver the top results that you are looking for! That photographer is not me however…

Hi, I’m Johan Vanbockryck. I spend some of my free time with a camera in front of my eye (the right eye in my case). No pressure, no rules and no demands. Just enjoying the process of going from a view to a finished photo. At the end of this process, I usually end up with a landscape or city shot. And since my main job involves computers, I’ve also put some time in creating this website, so that I can show some of the outcome.

So please feel free to look around and check out the work I’ve created so far…


If you’re interested in a printed version of one of my photo’s or in my “I Like an Empty Beach” photo zine, please check out the Shop.

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