My Photo Zine – I Like an Empty Beach

As indicated in a previous post (The Status of the Digital), I have been taking a number of trips to the beach over the last year. Which in turn has resulted in a number of photographs in my collection. When going over these photos, I noticed that there was something that most of them had in common. Due to practical reasons, almost all of the photos I take at the beach are shot while the beach is almost empty. I usually try to avoid getting people in my landscape shots, but it was very noticeable here since we usually see the beach when there are plenty of other people there. It is almost a theme you could say.

Around the same time that I noticed this theme in my beach shots, I was also looking at articles and videos about photography zines. Zines are usually self-published, smaller publication works that can take the form of small books or limited-run magazines. Most of the time, they are the work of a single person or a limited group of people and are used to showcase a collection of work or that work around a certain theme.

When you put the “empty beach”-theme and the “photo zines”-idea together, you probably know where I went next: I decided to start looking into making something zine-like myself, using a selection of the beach photos. This has resulted in the creation of my first photo zine: I Like an Empty Beach.

I LIke an Empy Beach
The front cover of I Like an Empty Beach.

It has ended up being a collection of 26 photographs, printed in a 30-page, 26x26cm paperback book, all bringing an ode to the empty beach.

The back cover of I Like an Emty Beach.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of “I Like an Empty Beach”, it is available through amazon. It’s best to look for it on your local amazon for the best shipping solution, like

I must say, it’s nice to hold a printed version of your photo in your hands, and it’s even nicer to have a collection of them printed in book form 🙂

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