Hiking in Tyrol

There is a choice to be made when it comes to vacations. You can choose to do something completely different from your everyday life, or you can choose to do something similar to what you would do otherwise in your spare time, but do it in a different place. I usually choose the last option, and have a vacation that mainly consists of hiking, but further from home then normal. The destination for this year: Sankt Anton am Arlberg in Tyrol (Austria). One week of mountain air and lots of going up and down instead of the usual flat hikes.

Welcome to the mountains.

For photography, I brought only one small camera along (my trusty Fujifilm X100F). The reasoning behind this is simple: if you make your day (and vacation) about getting good photos, a day without good shots will feel like a day wasted. If you make the day about a good hike however, each day will most likely end up being a good day. Any shot you happen to get along the way is just a bonus. So: no additional weight, no tripod, just the one camera that I can usually hold in my hand. And water, lots of water!

Lots of water, but not for drinking.

And even though photography is not the main reason for the hike, there will always be interesting views to capture. It starts already a the foot of the mountain, with a small chapel or a wooden barn built against the slope.

But those aren’t the only buildings worthy of a picture. Once you’ve completed your way up the mountain, you end up at one of the alpine huts, where you can have a drink and relax for a while before continuing your hike.

The Kaltenberg Hütte

And along the hike, there are enough other views to enjoy.

And I must say, there was one little guy who seemed to enjoy our hikes the most. He was always the first at the top, the fastest downhill and very adept at taking a quick nap when we took a short brake.

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