The Status of the Digital

After the update about the analog experiment in my previous post, I figured it would be a good idea to follow that up with an update on the digital side of things. Currently my digital photography can be divided up into two topics.

For the first topic, the story hasn’t changed that much: when time allows, I put on my walking shoes, tell the dog to come along and we go for a hike in one of the nearby nature reserves. After I grab my camera of course. While it may not be the perfect system for everyone, my tip here is to have as little gear with you as possible. And to have it as ready as possible. For me, the gear is my Fujifilm X100F with the wide conversion lens for it. Since it is a relatively light and small camera, I usually just have it in my hand while walking. Not having to take it out of the bag is one less reason not to take a shot. When a subject arrives, just bring the camera to eye level and press the shutter button. Whether that’s trees in the forest,

Trees in the forest

a newly constructed pond,

A newly constructed pond

or Kito having a seat while I’m playing around with the camera (again!).

Kito near the water

Over the last year, a new topic has popped up however: the beach. There have been a number of trips to the Belgian coast recently, and when you’re there, you might as well bring the camera along, right? So next to the photos shot during walks in the nature near home, my digital collection now also contains shots of the Koksijde boardwalk,

the beach cabins and chairs,

the tidal poles,

and the breakwaters.

Some change in scenery can be invigorating.

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