That One Building

You know that building, the one just after the last lights on your drive to work? It’s not a conventional building, with its wooden exoskeleton and the way they angled the front wall. You never gave it that much thought, you’re just on your way to work. But as you unconsciously stared at it that morning while waiting for the light to turn green, you saw something different. Maybe it was a lingering sleep pattern in your brain that hadn’t completely dissipated yet. Maybe it was one of the Inspiration Particles that Terry Pratchett described. Whatever the reason, suddenly you saw an interesting play of lines. Maybe Something worth taking a picture of?
So later that day, during your lunch break, you decided to walk back to that building. Trying to recapture the viewing angle that triggered you that morning. And would you look at that, the sky was even generous enough to provide an additional play of lines. Take a long breath in … aim the camera … make a slight change to the composition … *click*, and the bytes stream onto the SD card.

That doesn’t look to bad on the camera display. But you know that little screen can be deceiving. Let’s hope it looks as good on a bigger display. But since there is more time left before you have to get back to work, why not walk around a bit more and keep your eyes open for other interesting views? While you’re in this bike tunnel, let’s try and capture that classic “go towards the light” photo. Who knows, somebody might even come passing by and provide a kind of subject, and inject some motion into the shot.

Ok, that’s it, now you can go back to work.

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