Evening Workshop = Photo Op

The Japanese garden in Hasselt (Belgium) is one of those places which looks like it is a great place to take some pictures in the evening, when the sun isn’t as harsh and that beautiful yellow glow starts to appear. It’s difficult to verify this however, since it is usually closed by the time the sun goes down. So when I saw that their resident photographer (Kris Van de Sande) was organizing an evening photography workshop, I decided to register. An opportunity to spend the evening taking pictures in an idyllic garden, guided by somebody who knows the garden by heart, while there are no other visitors except those that are part of the workshop? Sounds good to me.

This large waterfall is one of those places in the garden where you usually have to be very patient, and wait for quite a while to get a shot without other visitors getting in the frame.

This is especially true when doing one of these longer exposures, to get that nice smooth water look.

Another detail that you don’t see when walking around during regular visiting hours are the lights in the tea house. When the sun starts to go down, and there is less daylight available, the yellow glow of the interior of the tea house provides a nice offset against the rest of the garden.

But it doesn’t always have to be a a big view. Since there are no usual visitors walking around, you might also notice an empty path, and look at it in a way you hadn’t considered before.

And when one of the spots in the garden turns out to be (temporarily) less inspirational, why not take a couple of steps back, and instead capture the other participants of the workshop while they do find their inspiration?

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