An Experiment in Lines

Being one of the many people with a desk job, I can confirm firsthand that it’s a good idea to go for a walk during your lunch break. It gives the body some much needed movement, helps to clear the mind, and – for me – has the added benefit of allowing you to look around for interesting photo opportunities. Being on the lookout for these doesn’t mean that you succeed in spotting them however, as I noticed once again this week.

As I took the route towards the city center of Hasselt that leads me past the Sint-Katarinaplein, I looked at the buildings that surround the square, as I’ve done so many times before. Except that this time, they weren’t just apartment buildings. By looking up at them in the right angle, they became a play of lines against the clear blue sky.

So the rest of that lunch break was spent looking up at the buildings and experimenting with angles to find an interesting play of lines.

Which made some people in the area wonder what the hell I was doing. I know this since one of them asked me what I was taking pictures of 🙂

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