First Steps into Shooting Film

As indicated in a previous post, I recently started experimenting with an analog film camera. As it turns out, experimenting is the right term to use. The batteries needed for the light meter in the camera no longer exist (apparently mercury batteries are not such a good idea for the environment), and I once had a solution for that problem, the readings from the light meter proved to be incorrect. So the first experiment exists in using both a digital camera and the analog camera to take the same shots. Afterwards both can be compared  to try and figure out how to interpret the readings of the aging light meter.

Which brings along another issue: the film needs to be developed before you can see the results. And development of film is a service that is becoming less and less common over here, especially for black and white film, which I am currently using. In my case, I have to go to a store in a neighboring city and wait for at least a week to get the film back. After having the second roll of film developed like this, I searched a bit on the internet to see if there wasn’t an easier/faster way near my home to get this done. Turns out that “just develop black and white film yourself” was the most common answer I came across. So I decided to bite the bullet and get all the materials needed and do exactly that.

Which is why was able to do what I did last weekend: walk around for a few hours in Genk on a cold Sunday morning, filling up a roll of film (a Rollei RPX 400). This film was then developed in the afternoon, left to dry overnight, and in the morning, I had a roll of film that was ready to be scanned and compared to the digital reference photos. All less then 24 hours after shooting.

And the fact that some of the results turned out to be not to bad is a bonus, since I can use them to pretty up this blog post 🙂

Even though it has been a month already, these are only the first steps in the process of learning to shoot film and I feel like there is still a long way to go. But so far, it has been a lot of fun to do.

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