Winter Beach Trip

Not having been able to do as much landscape photography as I wanted this last year, I decided spend the last few days of the year taking a trip to the beach. I brought my bicycle along, so the only planned activity was to collect my camera gear in a backpack, put on some much needed gloves and just ride along the coast, stopping every now and then when something interesting came into view. Something like this view as the sun was starting to set on the first evening:

As that blue sky slowly turned into dark night, it would not return anymore for the rest of the trip. The following morning, a fog had settled in that would not leave until I went back home. The wind blowing in from the sea combined with the cold temperatures and the fog left an icy coat on the landscape:

It was along the coast that the best views were to be seen however. Sometimes the tide would just be reaching the last remains of a shipwreck as I passed by:

Other times, something simple like a bunch of rocks in the water or just at the edge of it would keep me entertained for a while:

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend the last few days of 2016.

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