Three impulse decisions and a photo

Earlier this week, while sitting at my desk in the office, I noticed that the horizon looked pretty special. There was dark blue area just above the horizon line and a little bit of color above that, while the rest was just the normal blue (and clouds) of a late afternoon sky. I pointed this out to a colleague of mine is also interested in photography. His response was that I should hurry up and go hunt for that horizon, which is of course the only correct response to give. After all, if there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, than I choose to believe that there is a chest of beautiful photos at the end of every colorful horizon. I was at work however, so no hunting for that chest.

Just before I left the office, I decided to go up to the roof of the building and take a quick snapshot. While it isn’t necessarily a stunning picture, the autumn colors do add a little extra to the photo compared to the view during the rest of the year:

And I thought that would be it for the day in the photography department.

As I went home however, some impulse decisions proved me wrong. The first decision was to make a detour to avoid some heavy traffic. As I was driving, I realized that this would take me in the direction of a store that I had planned to go to in the weekend. So instead, I made the detour a little bigger and was on my way to the store. And that’s when I saw the same evening sky above a cable-stayed bridge (the tuikabelbrug in Godsheide) and made my third impulse decision: let us make a detour on the detour and stop at this bridge to snap some photos. And that’s where I made the photo of three impulse decisions:

Only after editing both these photos did I notice how the clouds had moved along with me to create the same sky, just slightly rotated since I was facing a different direction.

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